15 Magnificent Geometric Shelves Wall Decor Ideas

Geometric Shelves Minimalist Deer Head Shelf In Oak By Bette Eklund Picture 01

Geometric Shelves Wall Decor – In case you are a parent or scout leader looking for a craft idea from the crafting supply storage shelves, baskets are a good choice for the boys to make. Many kids have a spot in their room with shelves for baskets, baseball card collections and a lot of other treasures. Spend a little while with him putting together a vintage craft stick basket and you will have a handsome container that may hold small cars, baseballs or any number of other collectibles.

Popsicle stick art, or craft stick art, is actually a classic design method used for decades. It combines simple, clean lines to form geometric shapes that are pieces of functional art. Depending on how you place the sticks, you can create an entire pair of shelving with baskets from your plain to the fanciful. But, ultimately, it starts with the first basic basket.

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Covering a wall with shelves adds interest to a wall immediately. It is possible to mount floating shelves or let the brackets show. It is possible to mix freestanding shelves with shelves mounted to the wall. Then display your books, collections, and potted plants offered for interest. Candles and family photos also look good on the shelves.
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Geometric Shelves Minimalist Deer Head Shelf In Oak By Bette Eklund Picture 01


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