15 Refreshing Green Kitchen Design Ideas

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Green Kitchen Design Ideas – Congratulations on making the choice to make a green kitchen! So you are among the people who realize that the kitchen, other than being used to cook in, also generates about 15% of the worlds greenhouse gases. There are many things to do for your green kitchen. Firstly, you need to reconsider all of the chemical-based dishwasher liquids, floor and surface cleaners, detergents and other cleaning products that you maybe currently using.

Not only can they possibly make you sick, they are also really harmful for any environment! Go for a natural cleaner, with is biodegradable, try some of the plant-based detergents, as well as, if you have the time, you can make your individual cleaner with vinegar and baking soda. The two generate a fabulous combination and give that you high-quality all-purpose household cleaner!

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Another idea for your green kitchen design is to aim to find kitchen fittings, paneling, floors and cabinets which are used before. Even though you will likely be purchasing some new products for any kitchen, it’s OK to blend in some of your old cabinets and drawers to save money and recycle. You could opt for green counter tops which are made of items like recycled paper, yogurt pots, bamboo, cork flooring, and so forth – but be sure to local plumber on the materials first!

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Green Colour Kitchen Design With White Countertops And Light Over Kitchen Table Images 53

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